Appendix B

Chemistry welcomes MD/PhD scholars who want to apply chemical methods to human health.

Applying to Chemistry

MD/PhD scholars should apply directly to the MD/PhD program and indicate “chemistry” as a PhD field of interest. All admitted MD/PhD scholars may choose to join chemistry as their PhD home, but it is the responsibility of the scholar to pursue rotations and secure lab placement. Scholars who wish to undertake this process should begin by scheduling an advising meeting with the chemistry DGS. Scholars must join a lab by the date that their MD/PhD funding terminates (currently, August 31.)

Chemistry recruitment activities for PhD scholars generally take place in late February or early March. MD/PhD scholars considering chemistry as their PhD home are welcome to attend recruitment activities in the academic year prior to beginning their PhD to familiarize themselves with the program. Scholars should contact gradchem@emory.edu to RSVP to recruitment activities no later than January 15th of that year.

Program Requirements

MD/PhD scholars are expected to complete all core program requirements outlined in the chemistry handbook, with the following potential alterations:

  1. Scholars may choose to complete TATTO 600 in August of their first OR second year in chemistry.
  2. Scholars are only required to complete one semester of TA service in chemistry as part of their training. In most cases, this TA assignment will be expected to take place in the academic year following their completion of TATTO 600.
  3. Scholars are not required to participate in the formal chemistry rotation process in their first semester as they must have already joined a lab by the time this process takes place. They are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Exploration Period activities to learn more about chemistry labs outside their immediate expertise. Additionally, scholars are advised to use this extra semester to accelerate their milestone requirements to assist them with completing their PhD on a three year timeline.
  4. The MD/PhD program requires that scholars complete training in the rigor and reproducibility in research. Chemistry does not currently have a formal course that addresses this requirement. Scholars are advised that they should complete IBS 519 or an equivalent course approved by the MD/PhD program director.

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