Teaching for Advanced Scholars

Section III, Article 2

Advanced teaching opportunities are available in chemistry and across the university.

For information about TA in the First Year (or any TA for credit in TATT/CHEM 605), go here.

Advanced graduate scholar TA commitment request form

TA requests for students supported by bridge funding

Availability of advanced TA assignments

Changes to TA commitment request

If a scholar wishes to change their TA commitment request, they must submit a new form by the last day of classes in the semester prior to the commitment you want to change (example: end of fall semester to change a spring request.) Changes requested after this date, either to reduce or add TA hours, will only be honored if TA needs allow.

Additional opportunities within chemistry

  • Reduced TA assignments (less than 10 hours), if TA need allows
  • Opportunities to serve as Instructor of Record, if course coverage needs allow

Opportunities will be announced via the chemistry graduate email digest, when available.

Additional opportunities outside chemistry

  • Dean’s Teaching Fellowship
  • SIRE for Natural Sciences
  • Emory Pipeline
  • Teaching at other local universities

For the most up-to-date opportunities, visit the Laney Graduate School Advanced Student Fellowships page.

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