Communication Guidance

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Email policy

Email is the primary medium for official communication between scholars, faculty, and staff in the Department of Chemistry at Emory University. Official Department of Chemistry communications will be sent to scholars’ address. Email communication must be reviewed within one business day. Individual research groups may use other methods of communication. Scholars are expected to understand and adhere to the communication norms in their research group.

Department calendar

Events of interest in the department, including weekly seminars, are posted on the Trumba calendar that appears on the front page of Scholars are encouraged to subscribe to this calendar. Events are also posted throughout the department and announced via email. 

Scholars may submit events to the department calendar using this online form.

Communicating open door events

For any event that is open to the public, it is the scholar’s responsibility to advertise the time and place of the event by submitting the event to the calendar via this form on the department website. Events must be advertised at least one week in advance. An unadvertised defense or milestone will be considered incomplete.

The following events are required to be public:

  • Third Year Milestone (proposal presentation portion)
  • Fourth Year Milestone
  • Dissertation Defense
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