Chemistry Graduate Program Handbook

LAST REVISED Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Notice 10.18.23

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Article 1.1: Graduate Program Administration

Article 1.2: How to Use This Handbook

Article 1.3: Goals for Graduates

Article 1.4: Communication Guidance

Article 1.5: Safety

II. First Year

Article 2.1: Orientation

Article 2.2: Research Rotation Program

Article 2.3: Research Group Selection and Assignment

Article 2.4: First Year Course Selection

Article 2.5: First Year Teaching Assignments

III. Core Requirements

Article 3.1: Coursework for Continuing Scholars

Article 3.2: Teaching for Advanced Scholars

Article 3.3: Midsemester Evaluation and Annual Reports

Article 3.4: Candidacy

Article 3.5: Committee Selection and Management

Article 3.6: Milestones

IV. Finance

Article 4.1: Funding

Article 4.2: Merit awards

Article 4.3: External Funding

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V. Academic Progress

Article 5.1: Probation

Article 5.2: Grievances

Article 5.3: Petitions


Appendix A: Resource Guidance

Appendix B: MD/PhD Scholars

Appendix C: MS Degree

Appendix D: Transfer Credit and/or Course Waiver